Judgement of the south
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The glorious satrapy of An-Teng has been firmly under Realm control for a long, long time. It is regarded as one of the most docile and pleasant satrapies in the Threshold and is a popular vacation resort for members of rich dynastic families. The imperial satrap Ragara Soras Jor in the coastal City of the Steel Lotus has a good sense for business and is a skilled negotiator, which is fortunate since the three Princes of An-Teng seem to grow more restless for each passing day. Nonetheless, An-Teng is firmly in imperial control and it looks like it will remain so until the end of time.

But still, there are some things that even the might of the Realm and the Immaculate order cannot change. The people all do whevever a prince of the earth asks, but only if they are asked and things could probably be more …efficient.

Everyone seem to do as they are told and hold to the immaculate faith whenever the monks pass by, but for some reason, the gods keep complaining that they are not receiving the prayers they are due. The tengeese faith centered around the Golden Lord and the Pale Mistress still thrive behind the immaculate monks’ backs

And also, there are rumors coming down from the High Lands. Rumors of a man wearing the sun as armor and a comet as a weapon who will not allow the whims of the dynasts to rule any longer. Rumors that the Arbiter of the old prophecy has come..

Judgement of the South

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